Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's a Compostion Book Cover!  My mom and I just finished making it tonight.  Well, mostly my mom.  I have a very short attention span...

The cover has pockets for pencils, buisness cards, a page marker, and a big pocket on the front for paper, or pretty much anything else.  Since I don't use buisness cards yet, I can just use it for erasers.  Oh!  It also has a latch on the side to keep it shut.

Anyways.  I guess it's time to tell everybody that I never actually finished that messenger bag that I was talking about.  I didn't even start it.  I was looking at the pattern for the bag, and it said that it would be good to use canvas.  So while I was thinking it over, I decided that there would be a lot of heavy books to carry back and forth, so there was no way that my 100% cotton fabric would survive the first couple of months.  So I used it on my Compostion Book Cover.  I need to use up that 3 yards somehow! 

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