Monday, August 15, 2011

County Fair RESULTS

We went to the county fair yesterday!  It was really fun.  We saw a bluegrass band, and a Magic Show.  Then we went and saw all the animals.  There were little baby chicks for only $12.00!!!  And bunnies for only $30!  Of course, I wasn't allowed to get any...  We also worked in the Childrens' Barn, where we taught crafts and games to the kids.  But one of my favorite parts was seeing our results!!!

Here are my results:

This is a pincushion I made.  They put it together wrong.  The little bag is supposed to be connected to the beige strap under the cushion.  The bag is for thread scraps, and the blue pockets for seam rippers, chalk, snippers, anything like that.

This is a sculpture I made of Albert Einstein for a school project.  I probably should've entered it in the recycled category...

My kitty bag.  There's a first place ribbon in there if you can't see it.

I entered this in the Christmas Ornament category because I didn't think it would do well in the handbag category.  Apparently it didn't do well there either.


These are the same brownies that I brought to the Taco Lunch.  See!  I told you they were good!  (Fresh batch.  Not the same ones!!!)

This is the top that I made in my Pins and Patterns 4-H club.

My bolero.  Which I also made in the Pins and Patterns club.

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