Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One County Fair entry done, 2,999,000 more to go!

   This is a Kitty Bag, made out of, what do you know!?  A Kitty Food bag!  It seriously only took 10 minutes, really easy.  I'm going to enter it in the County Fair, under the recycled category.  Who knows?  I might even get 1st place!

Here is my wacko cat.  She had been sleeping under the bed when we grabbed her and stuffed her in this bag.  We thought it would make a cute picture, with her peeking out of the bag.  But it just made her angry.  So after three minutes of "torture," we let her out.  We tried to get Sammy inside, but he was even worse...


  1. Great idea! I'd be a shame not to re-use that awesome cat food bag somehow.
    What will you do with the next empty bag? Curtains?? Skirt?? Tea cozy?? just kidding...

  2. Neat. I have made a few of those with rice bags, and I'm trying to get up the courage to make one out of a (ahem) kitty litter bag. If I can cut it so you can't tell what it was, just see the cute kitty on the side. Not sure it's possible.

    Why do you have to do 2,999,001 fair entries?