Monday, August 15, 2011

County Fair RESULTS (Part 2)

Here are my mom's results.

This is a quilt mom made of a drawing my older brother made in 2nd grade.  Better pic below.

Another one of mom's quilts.  Better pic below.

This is a banner mom made for church on Christmas Eve.
A purse!  Better pic below.
Pillow for my grandma.  Mom made it for her for Mothers' Day.

An awesome card that should've gotten first place!  I didn't like the first place card.  They over did it.

My brother also made a chocolate cake for the Hershey competition.  You had to make any type of dessert using at least a fourth cup of Hershey's Cocoa mix.  The winner would recieve $25, and a Hershey's Chocolate gift basket.  My older brother made the same cake he made for my birthday, but he made two layers and put rasberry jam in between, with homemade icing on top.  He also drizzled some chocolate sauce over that. He didn't win, but I still think it was DELICIOUS.  Sorry I don't have a picture...

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  1. Double-yew-oh-double-yew! You two made such pretty things! It's so fun to see them, thanks for posting.