Friday, May 6, 2011

The week is finally over!

   I  don't know ANYBODY who doesn't like Fridays.  Fridays are a way of showing you that you have made it through the week, you're still alive, and that it is time for RELAXATION!!!  (Unless you didn't finish all the things you needed to get done...)  I feel like we need another chorus of "Friday"...

- Give your mom and/or Grandma a big hug today.
- Don't forget that this Sunday is Mother's Day!!!!
- Tell what you got/made for your mother in the comments below.  (That is, after you give it to them...)


  1. Your cousin Britta and her young man took me to lunch at Famous Dave's for Mother's Day. It was so fun. I was in that restaurant in a booth with the two best people in the whole place, and they are MINE! :) The nicest looking, too. :)

  2. Awww... That's sweet. For my mom, me and my brothers made her breakfast in bed. An omelet, toast, coffee, some strawberries, and limeade. I also made my mom a scrapbook type thing, a bracelet, and a needle book. HAPPY (late) MOTHER'S DAY, MOM!!!!!!!

  3. I got my mom a malt at a cafe. the guy working there gave me two malts for the price of one.

  4. I made my mom breakfast in bed to! It was toast with peanut butter on it,pancakes,and a banana. My sister and I also picked a flower and put it on the plate! :)

  5. Oooooooooooo a malt.... thank you 4 making my mouth water!! hahahahaha