Monday, May 9, 2011

Red- Hair???

    Today, I was asked twice, How did I get my red hair?  Well, the first time I was annoyed, because, I really don't have some "Scientific Explanation."  Plus, I get asked that question too many times, and whenever I tell them, I feel like I'm bragging... And I don't mean to be.  Well, anyways, I said, "Um... from my mom???"  Then she laughed.  Only, I don't know why... :)  And, the second time, I just ignored them... I guess that was kind of mean...  Was it?


  1. It's a silly question... but they probably don't mean it to be rude. Your "from my mom" answer sounds perfect to me. Or you could make up some pseudoscientific reason with lots of long words and yap at them until their eyes cross and they NEVER ask that question again, EVER.

  2. Oh wait, here's a better answer:

    Tell people, "because I have such high pheomelanin levels." Heh.

  3. Just say a bunch of complicated words until they get bored and go away. you could also tell them that if they payed attention in science class they would know how the hair genes work...they would feel pretty stupid