Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boring Poll

  Q1.  What is your favorite color?
  Q2.  What's your favotite food?
  Q3.  Favorite animal?
  Q4.  Favorite song?
  Q5.  Lucky Number?
  Q6.  Hobby?

    I'm sorry I had to do this to you guys, but I didn't know of anything to blog about.  Anyways, answer in the comments below.


  1. A1. Blue

    A2. Lasagna and Potato Cakes

    A3. OWLS + CATS

    A4. Vanilla Twilight (Owl City), Friday :P (Rebecca Black) I have plenty more, but it would take forever to list them.

    A5. 6 - Favorite Age

    A6. Woodshop, Creating things (stuff that hasen't been made before... EXPERIMENTING!), Writing letters.

  2. A1.Pink,Blue,Lime Green

    A2.Salad,Pizza(Wow, I can't believe i just said that),Mashed Potatoes,and Most any kind of dessert.


    A4.Mean(Taylor Swift),Who Says(Selena Gomez),Friday(Rebecca Black),Cooties(Hairspray The Musical),Mama I'm a Big Girl Now(Hairspray The Musical),and a whole lot more, but i feel i've already said a lot......

    A5.5-I don't know why........

    A6.Singing,Dancing,Talking on the phone,texting(sadly),and Being with animals

  3. P.S. The Owl, the post above was the girl who came 2 stay with u when my family was in D.C.

    i dont wanna say my name...... ttfn bye!

  4. Pfft! I know who you are! You comment just like you text.

  5. I like all the songs you listed, except Who Says. I also like Forget You, Jar of Hearts, and this other song that I don't know the name of...

    P.S. This is replying to Annonymous

  6. 1.Red
    2.anything with sugar in it
    4.Deathbed(by Relient K)
    6.inventing(I haven't invented anything yet, I just think up inventions in my head)