Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looking back...

     I remember one specific moment about 6 years ago, when I was in 1st grade.  My class and I were taking a field trip to the zoo, and we were on the school bus.  (My mommy :) was a chaperone. )  And I was talking to my mom.  I was asking her if I was going to graduate this year like we did in Kindergarten.  And she said no.  I asked her when.  She said at the end of 5th, 8th and at the end of High School.  5th Grade!?  That would be like, 4 more years!!!!!  I would never make it!  And now, I'm  almost a 7th Grader!!!  1 year from graduating AGAIN.  If I had seen myself NOW, at that time, I would be like, a big person!
       Strange memory... I don't even know why I remembered that.  I mean, why THAT?


  1. I used to think sometimes, what if Younger Me could see me right now, what I'm doing, where I am? What would Younger Me think about this? I bet she would not even believe it. I don't do that much anymore but every once in awhile I still do. I hope Younger Me would be excited to see what she's going to grow into, but she probably wouldn't. :) She had other ideas about her future.

  2. I like this memory!!! :)