Monday, May 30, 2011

No School!!!!

  Today is Memorial Day!!!!  No school, and no work.  What are all of you guys going to do today???  We just got back from Pennsylvania last night, so we are just chillin'.  Anyways, I hope everybody has a GREAT Memorial Day!

         (**Don't forget to put your flag out!**)


  1. You still have school!!!! we were out of school weeks ago!

  2. Yeah, I know... We don't get out till the 17.

  3. What did you do in Pennsylvania?

    I had to work on Memorial Day, but that's okay because I got paid extra for working on the holiday. Your uncle and cousin Kieffer worked in the yard most of the afternoon - Kieffer got a horrible sunburn. In the morning, Kieffer marched in a Memorial Day parade and played his trombone.