Monday, July 25, 2011

Band Camp

 For all of this week I will be going to Band Camp.  Yay!  So today was my first day, and I figured out that Band Camp is a total waste of my time.  No yay.  I got all registered and I played a scale, badly.  So I think I got put in the Beginner group, but they didn't actually tell me.  When I got to my first class, they handed us out some music to play for the concert on Friday.  I took one look at the notes, and knew that this was way too advanced for me.  We started practicing, and I didn't know ANY of the notes.  So I pretended to play along with everybody.  Then pretty soon I got tired of the teachers yelling at the Trumpet section that we need to be louder.  So I gave up pretending that I was playing.  And sat there.  For three hours.  Today I am going to try and figure out some of the notes, so I might actually  have fun tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

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