Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yesterday, my friend Jacquelin and I had been ordered (joking) to make a dessert for our Taco Lunch at church today.  We decided to make cupcakes because they are usually easy to make.  My mom suggested these really cool chocolate cupcakes with a layer of peanut butter inside.  We made up the batter and started to put the cupcakes together, when we realized that there was not enough chocolate batter for the top layer.  We started to make another batch when we ran out of Peanut Butter.  So we sent mom out to the store to buy Peanut Butter, Butter, and Chocolate Icing.  When we got back, we finished pouring the batter into the liners.  The Peanut Butter mixture stuck through the top layer of chocolate, and made it look like we had stuck some moldy cheese into the cupcakes, so we tried to flatten it out.  It didn't work.  We decided to just put them into the oven, and hope for the best.  This is how they turned out.

Beautiful, right?

We tried them out, and they tasted AWESOME.  But they were not presentable.  Way too ugly.  Mom suggested we just take them to church anyways, and people would be too disgusted to try them, and we would get them back at the end.  But I couldn't bring those in.  I would be SO embarrassed!  We just split up the brownies, 11 for me, and 11 for her.  Jacquelin said 
we could just make another batch, but put it in a brownie pan.  So we made two more batches, and stuck it on the oven.

 These were the results after the Taco Lunch.  Mom's famous Peanut Butter Bar recipe had been given out to a bunch of people, and someone had made it.  Everyone recognized it and ate it up.  Near the end though, word spread round how great our brownies' were, and they started to get eaten.  We grabbed them before they were all gone though.  So our brownies' were a success!!!  Yay!

(That brownie on the edge just melted in the car.  The brownies' weren't THAT gooey!)

When I was sitting in the car, waiting to go home, Mr. McMullen came up and said, "Hey.  Did you make those Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies?  Well, those were STINKIN' AWESOME!  You'd better give me the recipe sometime!"  And I said yes.  :)

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