Saturday, December 31, 2011

ANOTHER Future Book (Maybe)

  Sitting in the near empty room made me think of my parents' bedroom back at home.  A couple of weeks ago my parents received a mysterious phone call from somewhere in Australia.  My parents immediately started packing, and forty eight hours later, they were on a first class flight to Australia.  They couldn't take me with them, so here I am at my aunt's house.  Aunt Kaley lives alone because of the recent death of Uncle Mike.  He died from a heart attack in his late forties.  The doctors don't know how it happened so early, but it did.  Aunt Kaley still hasn't gotten over his death.  And I wouldn't expect her to either.  She loved Uncle Mike more than life itself.  Anyways, here I am in the navy blue guest room.  All that's in here is a queen size bed, a gray dresser, and a small night side table.  My small suitcase sits at the foot of the bed along with a worn stuffed frog.  Mom and Dad bought it for me when I was younger.  His yellow crown that Mom made for him is falling off, and one of his eyes is missing.  His name is Flopsy, and I can't remember a moment without him.

  I have so many introductions to books that I'm never gonna finish tucked away in a drawer.  See, I love writing the beginning, but I never know what to do with the rest.  Last night I was really bored, but it felt to early to go to bed.  So I pulled out my steno pad and a pencil and started writing.  Ta-da!

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  1. I think that's a really good idea.

    Stephen King has mentioned before that sometimes a scene or a character will just pop into his head from nowhere, and he writes it down before he forgets. It might be years before it ever becomes part of a book, but it probably will, someday. If you ever read any Stephen King, you will find that his characters are extremely vivid, even characters that are only in his books for a page or two. I think maybe it's because of his trapping them on paper before they escape his imagination.