Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of the Year Project

        Since there are only 5 and a Half more days of school, we have started our End of the Year Project.   This year, we are doing a Carnival for the 5th Graders.  I partnered up with 3 of my best buddies. (Sorry Katie...)  For our game, we had to do something with adding and subtracting mixed numbers and unlike denominators.  So we decided to do a game with lollipops.


  1.  Pick an index card from the hat
  2.  Solve the probblem using the dry erase board
  3.  Pull out the lollipop with the correct answer on it
  4.  If you get the question right, you get to keep the lollipop
  5.  If you get the question right
       there is a black dot on the bottom of the stick, you get a ticket to the prize table

(There is going to be a foam board with lollipops stuck into it.  On each lollipop is an index card with a fraction problem on it.  3-5 lollipops will have a black dot on it.)

Along with the game, we also have to make:

A poster showing how to add and subtract the fractions
A poster showing how to play the game
An academic vocabulary poster
20 or more Questions and answers
A sign for our booth

Our game is called


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