Monday, June 6, 2011

Church Picnic

      Today is the Church Picnic!  And guess what???  Mom forgot to buy the cream cheese, so she couldn't make Cheese Cake.  And recently I have been into Cupcake decorating.  So I was like "This is my time to shine!"  (Not really...)  So, I was going to make banana cupcakes yesterday for the picnic, but then I remembered that I was gonna be at a sleepover.  Then, I asked my mom to make them for me, and I could decorate them.  Well, somehow Mom got my brother into making them.  Anyways, I just finished decorating them.  Our Churchs' Logo is a cross with some sort of blue mist behind it.  So I squirted white icing all over the cupcake and but blue sugar over it.  Then I flattened out Starbursts and made them into cross shapes.  So now they're ready to go!  But this picture makes them look a lot more drab...  They're actually WAY more colorful.  Anyways...  Yeah.