Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cherry Picking

Today, we went cherry picking!!!  We got 4 bags of tart cherries, so now we can make cherry muffins, and cherry pie, and cherry... uh, stuff.  We also got Purple Rasberries and Red Rasberries and Beets!  (I wasn't actually that excited about the beets...)  Anyways, we spent all day there getting sweaty and gross... But at least we got some yummy fruits!!!  When we went out for lunch,  we looked like we had fallen off a mountain,  My hair was everywhere, (Mom's too!) and we were sunburned and had pieces of leaves all over us.  Maybe it was just me, but I felt like everyone was staring at us...

 Up close cherries


More cherries!


  1. Cool pics. They look so pretty! Your baking plans sound great.

  2. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to baking with them.

  3. Wonderful! Where did you find a pie cherry orchard? Was it a long drive?

    I could go pick pie cherries this weekend but I'm not certain I'll do it. We still have some from last time.

    I remember picking pie cherries with your mother in Door County years ago. I can't remember if you came too but I think you did.