Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh Yeah...

Forgot to say this, but we're not moving anymore.  The reason we were planning to move in the first place was that my dad's boss was going to resign from work, and dad wanted to take her place.  But to do that, we would have to live in Manassas Park.  (That's where dad works.)  Suddenly something came up, and my dad's boss decided not to resign anymore.  So that meant that we wouldn't have to move anymore.  It was kind of depressing - not being able to move anymore.  We worked really hard.  But it was also a relief.  No more people coming to examine our house anymore.  I am also very glad that we found out about my dad's boss not moving anymore on the day that we did; because the next day, we got two offers for our house.  If we hadn't known about the job being taken away, we would've moved for no reason at all - living in a new county with no new benefits.  OK, so there's our little moving experience in a nutshell for ya.

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