Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kitchen Transformation

We are moving!!! 

And to move, you have to make your house look all pretty and empty.  So that's what we did!  We cleaned and cleaned, and organized and organized, and threw away stuff and threw away stuff, until our house looked empty and clean.  We even took down my loft bunk bed and replaced it with a day bed to make my room look bigger.  So, all in all, WE WORKED HARD. 
And today we finished another big job.  THE KITCHEN.  First, we ripped up the ugly flooring in the hallway and the kitchen, and painted the kitchen a cream-ish color.  Then, we painted all the cabinets in the kitchen an off-white color.  After that, we put down new flooring in the kitchen and hallway.  And finally, we put down new counter tops.  And now, we are DONE with the kitchen!  I'm so happy!!!  Have a look! :)

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