Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today I spent 4 Hours Saturated in my own Sweat

Yes, I know I have some explaining to do.

  Today was our school's fundraiser.  And it was terrible. 

   This year we were doing a "Boosterthon" to raise money for our school.  Basically, we were supposed to get sponsors who will pay an amount of money for every lap we ran around the school.  Plus, if you got enough money, you would get prizes.  I didn't get any sponsors.   Plenty of other kids got sponsors, but I didn't.  So I didn't see why I had to participate on the running of laps.  But everyone else thought that it wouldn't be "FAIR" for the non-sponsor kids to run around the school.
     So today was the actual "Fun Run."  Since it had rained yesterday, it was too slippery to run around.  So they moved the track over to the black top.  They set up cones in a small oval for us to run around.  It was pathetic.  It took 6 seconds to run around, and 12 to walk the lap.
   Before we started running, they handed out these stupid Boosterthon t-shirts to wear.  I didn't want to wear it, so I put it in my bag.  About 2 minutes before the running began, two teachers came over and started screaming their heads off me asking why I wasn't wearing the "special" shirt.  Apparently I should've been happy that I got to wear a T-Shirt instead of our Polo Shirts.  Plus, couldn't I see that everyone else was wearing one?  If I didn't wear the shirt, the Boosterthon people might get insulted.  So I was forced to go back to the classroom, get my shirt, change, and come back.  When I came back, everyone was already running and I was really far behind.  So I started running.
   At the end I was sweaty and exhausted.
We went back to schoolwork, all stinky and sweaty.  Teachers were starting to get mad because their classrooms were beginning to smell like lockerooms.  The chorus teacher refused to go inside her classroom, so she taught the class from the hallway.

 I'm so glad that is over.

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  1. It's hard to remain cheerful when the entire fiasco has "Stupid" written all over it. I feel your frustration. I hope your Friday is going much better. And less smelly.