Thursday, September 22, 2011

I already told you this

School has started.  And I am now overwhelmed with homework.  I usually finish around 10 pm, (pretty much because I'm not doing the work in class) but today I got a lucky break. 

 I have 8 classes this year and one of them is SPANISH!  AND I LOVE IT!  Spanish is my favorite class for two reasons:
1.  We hardly ever get homework
2.  It's FUN!

Also, spanish class gives us all a break from school work.  In the other classes we're working our butts off, but in Spanish, we're relaxing, but still getting things done.  I also like Math and Social Studies.  Language Arts is okay, but, believe it or not, I hate writing.  Science is terrible pretty much because of the teacher.  If you think I'm exaggerating, listen to this.  She spent half an hour telling us that we are not to use markers in our "interactive" notebooks.  The next day, "Remember, do not use markers in your notebooks.  It will bleed through your paper."  The next day, "Does anyone remember my rule about markers and notebooks?  Anyone?  The rule is that you are not allowed to use markers in your notebooks."  And so on and so on.
Well, this post is really unorganized.  I think I spelled some words wrong, too.  Oh well.  I'm tired.

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