Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quilted Checkerboard


 This is my checkerboard that I made during the summer.  The little pouches hold the checker pieces that I made also.  The checkers are circle pieces of fabric which are gathered; commonly called a yoyo in the sewing world.  The theme of the checkerboard is ladybugs vs. bumblebees.   I was able to use my Mother's embroidery machine to make the pouches as an in-the-hoop project.  (Which means I put the fabric in different stages and the machine sews it.)  I won a Best of Show ribbon at the 2010 Prince William County Fair.  This is the first time I ever won a Best of Show ribbon.  Next, I would like to try and get the creativity ribbon at the Fair, so if you have any ideas of a creative project, (that's not too hard, ) let me know! :)


  1. I love this! So cute! I'm impressed by the zippers; I've never put in a zipper before. Someday I'll tackle one.
    Love, Aunt Laura

  2. I could show you how to do an In-the-Hoop project (er, my mom could)whenever you guys come over. We need to arrange a visit sometime!

  3. I love this its so cute!!! i wish i knew how 2 make one!!!