Monday, April 11, 2011

Locked Out

   Today at school we were doing laps.  But I got out late because I was still finishing a quiz.  Anyways, I was walking around the school not seeing much of anybody because they were probably on the other side, when I realized that it was unusually quiet.  I walked faster to the entrance and NO ONE WAS THERE!!!!   I couldn't get in!!!  (And today the temperatures just HAD to be unusually high...)  I started banging on the doors when I realized that I was just drawing attention to myself.  Then, when a teacher would FINALLY hear me, they would yell at me for being late to lunch.  So I stopped, and waited.  And waited... And waited...  Then, the elementary school door opened, and a teacher walked out.  She was one of those nice teachers that knows when you didn't mean to be late, and understand that the other kids locked you out.  So, I walked over to her and asked if she could let me in... AND... SHE DID!!!!!!!!  So, there it is.  Your happy ending.    


  1. my gym teacher mad us run the kid ran it in 5 minutes.

  2. Wow... Well, this wasn't for gym. The teachers just let us walk around since we don't get recess...

  3. Wow i would hae to get locked out of school! Why dont you have recess????