Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Letter to the M&M Company

Dear M&M Company,    

 My family loves M&Ms, especially my Dad.  He likes to open a little package and organize them by color, and eat them in a pattern.  My younger brother likes to take the M&Ms and push them together to see which is stronger, by how well they stay together.  Then the M&M will move up and up to become the ultimate M&M Champion.  For me, I just like to eat them.  J   

One thing I really like about M&Ms are the different colors.  Although they don’t change the taste, it gives them personality.  I think it would be really cool if each month, you would choose a featured M&M color.  For example, January’s color could be purple.  In the January bag, there would be different shades of purple.  Violet, Orchid, Heliotrope, Royal Purple, etc.  I know you already do this for February and December, but for every month?  It would be awesome!!!  My favorite color is blue, and to see all the shades of blue in one little package would be like seeing Blue Jays, the Ocean, Blue Morpho Didius butterflies, and the night sky, all jammed together to form a work of art!  Just think how many fan letters you would receive, thanking you for using their favorite color!  I hope you’ll consider this idea!


  1. I'm completely freaked out now because though your Dad and I have not lived under the same roof in 30 years AND I don't think I have ever watched him eat M&Ms, nor he me... WE EAT OUR M&Ms EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

  2. And the freaking continues:Your Uncle Vann does this as well. It's fun to watch :)

  3. Wow... That's kinda weird...

    (Hey look! I can leave comments again!)